Press Releases S&Ds welcome new employment guidelines towards better worker protection

S&Ds welcome new employment guidelines towards better worker protection

The European Parliament’s employment and social affairs committee yesterday evening endorsed the updated employment guidelines for the European Union member states. These recommendations are intended to improve worker protection by creating more and better jobs across Europe while taking into account the implications of the Covid-19 pandemic and Russia’s war against Ukraine. They will be discussed at the plenary next week.

The S&D Group believes that the efforts should focus on ensuring decent working conditions for trainees, interns and apprentices, the effective implementation of the European Child Guarantee, the continuation of the SURE instrument* introduced in the pandemic to protect jobs, and legislation on minimum income. Furthermore, it is necessary to close gender pay and pension gaps. We also highlight the importance of progressive taxation systems, and universal access to quality health care and long-term care.

Alicia Homs MEP, S&D member and European Parliament’s rapporteur on the employment guidelines, said:

“Europe has to support workers in need and ensure decent working conditions for all. In the current cost of living crisis, strengthening the social shield is more necessary than ever. Equality, inclusion, and opportunities are essential in this context.

“S&Ds are committed to progressive taxation systems that strengthen the safety network for those in need and reinforce our public policies, such as a common framework for minimum income schemes and universal access to quality healthcare and long-term care systems.

“Internships and good assessments alone don’t pay bills. Young people, in particular trainees and apprentices, deserve to have decent working conditions, including fair remuneration, social protection, and insurance.”

*Note to editors:

SURE is the European instrument for temporary support to mitigate unemployment risks in an emergency. The S&Ds are calling for making SURE a permanent instrument.

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