Press Releases S&Ds welcome proposals to protect the rights of rainbow families

S&Ds welcome proposals to protect the rights of rainbow families

The S&D Group in the European Parliament welcome the Commission’s Equality Package as good news in the fight for the rights of rainbow families. Under the existing EU rules, member states are not obliged to recognise the parenthood of a child as established in another member state for purposes other than the EU rights from free movement, resulting in widespread discrimination of rainbow families. The Commission’s proposal for a Regulation will improve and protect the rights of same-sex parents and their children by ensuring parents recognised in one EU country are recognised as parents in all EU countries.

Gaby Bischoff, vice-president of the S&D Group, said:

“The Equality package will bring rainbow families out of legal limbo and instead give them much-needed legal certainty when they decide to exercise their right to free movement. The regulation will protect the rights of children from rainbow families who, under the current rules, risk being denied their rights to healthcare, education and free movement. With a wave of backsliding on LGBTIQ+ rights taking place under governments like Poland and Hungary, socialists and democrats will work hard to strengthen these proposals and make sure we remain at the forefront of defending rainbow rights in every corner of Europe.”

Marc Angel, S&D co-chair of the LGBTIQ+ intergroup in the European Parliament, said:

“After numerous cases before the European Court of Justice, the European Commission has finally come forward with a proposal for EU-wide laws to guarantee that parenthood is recognised between member states. Recognising diverse families benefits everyone in society and does nothing to take away anybody’s existing rights. This is not just a question of LGBTIQ+ rights, but about the rights of children and European citizens, which are openly flouted by some nationalist and populist governments. The European Commission is responsible for protecting the EU’s values and today’s proposal for an EU regulation is an important step in protecting the rights of rainbow families in the EU.”

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