Press Releases Statement on the temporary withdrawal of Commissioner Reynders from the work of the Commission

Statement on the temporary withdrawal of Commissioner Reynders from the work of the Commission

Commissioner Reynders has informed President von der Leyen that the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe had recommended him to the Parliamentary Assembly of this organisation for the post of Secretary-General on 25 March, and requested an unpaid leave for the duration of the campaign as of 25 April and until the day of the election of the new Secretary-General of the Council of Europe.

Having taken into account the commitment of Commissioner Reynders to refraining from participating directly and indirectly in any activity linked to the campaign of election until 25 April, and to ensuring that no such activity is conducted on his behalf, as well as his assurance that he will take any additional measure which may be necessary to avoid any perception of conflict of interest, the President has granted him the unpaid leave underlining that during that period the relevant provisions of the Treaties and the Code of Conduct for the Members of the Commission continue to apply. In particular, the President stressed the obligation not to use the Commission’s human or material resources during this period, the obligation to continue respecting the principles of confidentiality and collegiality, as well as the general obligations set out in Article 2(2) and (5) of the Code of Conduct.

The President also recalled the conditions set out in her letter of 10 January 2024 to Commissioner Reynders which will continue to apply until 25 April 2024.

The Commission is also informing the European Parliament and the Council about this provisional withdrawal from the work of the Commission.

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