Press Releases Tanzania Green Recovery and Resilience Strategies

Tanzania Green Recovery and Resilience Strategies

In the aftermath of the pandemic, green recovery appears as a huge potential for development and for the youth. It includes new ways of approaching energy & water, a reasonable use of natural resources- more sustainable infrastructures, as well as eco-friendlycorporate and financial practices.

Entire polluting sectors can be revisited and transformed from the roots to become tools of sustainable development. The fundamental idea is to build back better, to tackle the economic recession and establish prosperity by addressing fundamental environmental stakes such as the protection of land, water resources, and marine ecosystems.

On the 30th of November the Pilot4Research and Dialogue project’s team will be inviting key speakers to discuss this important matter – what is the position of Tanzania in terms of green recovery? What are the challenges? What are the innovative initiatives already implemented?

A related policy brief has recently been published by the team’s scientists – “Promoting Green Economy in Tanzania: A Pathway to Sustainable Development”. It is discussing the challenges and good practices related to green economy in Tanzania, offering clear policy recommendations for the establishment of a green recovery.

It is the 9th policy brief produced by the team based on 3 major studies and alongside 3 panels of experts and 7 consultations events gathering experts and a broader audience to enhance research, knowledge exchange and dialogue.

The final production of the project is a scientific book entitled “Learning from Resilience  Strategies in Tanzania: an outlook of international development challenges”. The book is divided in 12 chapters written by 16 different researchers. Relying on conceptual chapters as well as on cases studies, the book is approaching resilience to global challenges and climate change in Tanzania in the framework of the socio-economic realities of the country, and with a particular focus on the role of women. The E-book will soon be available to this link:

Also, please click the following link to register for the 30th of November event on green recovery in Tanzania

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