Press Releases TEPPFA Forum 2018 discloses sponsors

TEPPFA Forum 2018 discloses sponsors

TEPPFA, the leading European voice of the plastic pipe and fittings manufacturers announces today its sponsors for the TEPPFA Forum 2018 at Sofitel Brussels Europe on 10 April:

The renown biennial TEPPFA Forum aims at connecting European policymakers with leading industry stakeholders all through the plastic pipe value chain to discuss selected topics that might impact the plastic pipes and fittings sector in the EU.
The TEPPFA Forum 2018 is part of TEPPFA’s communication campaign “Discover:Plastics. Performance, Strength, Longevitiy and Flexibility” ( The campaign was launched mid- September to promote the benefits of plastic pipes throughout Europe.

Interested to discover how plastic pipe manufacturers offer solutions today’s climate and sustainable built challenges? Register for TEPPFA Forum 2018
A 10% early bird fee reduction applies if you register before 3 March.

Further details about the TEPPFA Forum programme will be announced in the coming weeks.

Ludo Debever, TEPPFA General Manager, comments: “We are delighted to welcome Vynova as platinum sponsor of our TEPPFA Forum 2018. – Vynova is a young name, but – has quickly established itself as a leading European PVC resins producer, drawing upon decades of experience operating under the umbrella of major chemical companies.
We further appreciate the commitment of our Golden sponsors Baerlocher Group, Borealis, PE100+, PVC4Pipes and Van Werven and our silver sponsor KIWA”.
Platinum sponsors : Vynova
Vynova is a leading European manufacturer of PVC and chlor-alkali products, generating yearly sales of nearly 1 billion euros. With production sites in key European markets, the company draws upon more than 50 years of experience in supplying a comprehensive range of high-quality PVC resins suitable for a wide range of applications. As a reliable supplier to the pipe industry, Vynova is dedicated to providing its customers with sustainable solutions through strong partnerships.
More information can be found:
Golden sponsors : Baerlocher Group, Borealis, Van Werven, PVC4Pipes & PE100+


The Baerlocher group of companies is one of the world’s leading additive suppliers, drawing on experience from more than 190 years of company history.  Their expertise in the production and use of plastic additives is closely linked to the success story of plastic materials.
More information available at


A trusted partner to the pipe industry for over 50 years, Borealis supplies advanced polyolefin pipe system materials to a wide range of projects and communities around the world. By offering more durable and reliable pipes, Borealis step-change innovations continue to boost the sustainability of pipe networks by making them safer and more efficient. Borealis pipe solutions are enabling life’s essentials. Borealis provides services and products to customers around the world in collaboration with Borouge, a joint venture with the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC).
The areas of polyolefins applications are wide-ranging and diverse. At Borealis, these areas are called Energy, Automotive, Consumer Products, and Pipe. New Business Development explores novel and potentially significant polyolefin products and applications.
For more information:


Founded in 1999, the PE100+ Association is an industry organization driven by globally leading High Density PolyEthelene (HDPE) manufacturers, with the objective to promote consistent quality at the highest level in the production and the use of HDPE for PE100 pipes.
More information available at
PVC4Pipes is the ECVM’s platform to communicate about the use and benefits of PVC in pipe systems in the global market.  Its members  come from all parts of the industry’s value chain. PVC4Pipes welcomes companies which produce  raw materials – PVC resin and additives – and those which manufacture the wide array  of PVC pipes  and fittings available in today’s market, as well as scientific and testing institutes and promotional associations.
More information available at:
Van Werven Plastic recycling specialises in creating high-quality raw materials from post-consumer hard plastics collected from construction waste, industrial waste and municipal recycling centres. Re-using raw materials is one of the key conditions to keep our earth livable for future generations. By closing the chain and re-using raw materials, Van Werven has taken an important step towards joint sustainable development.
More information available at:

Silver Sponsor : KIWA

Kiwa is an independent organisation that provides high-quality certification. Kiwa supports these certification activities with inspection, assessment, technical knowledge, research, training and data services. The company works for clients from many sectors ranging from water, energy and construction to agriculture, feed and food, safety and the environment.
More information available at

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