Press Releases The Belgian presidency aims to maximise research results

The Belgian presidency aims to maximise research results

La Hulpe hosted today the informal meeting of European ministers responsible for research and innovation, under the Belgian presidency. The Belgian Minister who chaired the meeting pointed out that research should become more autonomous and make better use of its results.

Indeed, the Minister set three priorities for the Belgian presidency in terms of research and innovation: strategic autonomy, the promotion of knowledge and strengthening the role of Research.

Strategic autonomy

Belgium is committed to promoting open strategic autonomy within the European Union. This requires a balance between security and competitiveness, strengthening the Union’s future ability to act autonomously while at the same time collaborating with its global partners.

Knowledge enhancement

Another priority of the Belgian presidency is to enhance the promotion of knowledge. Translating research results into societal and economic value is essential to fostering European re-industrialisation and open strategic autonomy.

Strengthening the role of research

Finally, Belgium aims to strengthen the role of research and innovation in meeting major societal challenges. Technological research is a crucial lever for meeting challenges such as healthcare, digitisation and climate change.

The informal meeting provided a unique platform for exchanging ideas and visions on the future of research and innovation in Europe. Ministers, experts and stakeholders discussed ways of consolidating the EU’s position as a world leader in research and innovation.

They discussed the following topics:
• The transformative nature of the European framework for research and innovation;
• Encouraging intersectoral and interdisciplinary collaboration at every level: universities, research centres, companies, policymakers and citizens;
• Technological development to accelerate industrial decarbonisation and strengthen the EU’s competitiveness.

For the Chairman of the meeting: “Research plays a crucial role in Europe. Firstly, it boosts competitiveness by enabling companies to develop more efficient and technologically advanced products, services and processes. Research also contributes to solving challenges such as climate change, health and food safety.”

The Belgian presidency is committed to promoting scientific excellence, innovation and the resolution of global challenges. This informal meeting is an important step in European collaboration to meet future challenges and seize the opportunities provided by research and innovation.

David Jordens, spokesperson – porte-parole – woordvoerder

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