Press Releases The King Baudouin Foundation has created a Fund for all hospitals and residential care establishments

The King Baudouin Foundation has created a Fund for all hospitals and residential care establishments

In the face of the current COVID-19 health crisis, the King Baudouin Foundation has created the Fund for Supportive Care, to which donations from businesses and private individuals can be made. The funds collected are distributed to hospital and residential care home initiatives throughout the country.

Every care institution is facing enormous challenges generated by COVID-19. There are many urgent needs and these are growing with each passing day. Yet, even when the crisis is under control, hospitals and other residential care institutions will need to deploy huge efforts to maintain their high quality of care. It is crucial that we help healthcare personnel to cope with this crisis and to be able to function in good conditions after it has passed. In these exceptional circumstances, the various government bodies in our country are putting enormous efforts into meeting material, logistical and personnel needs in care institutions in a coordinated manner. Nevertheless, there remains great need and many businesses and private individuals would like to help.


In function of need, the Fund for Supportive Care will distribute money raised in two ways:


– For urgent, short-term financial needs, the resources can be shared, in agreement with government bodies and the relevant sectors, between the care institutions concerned (hospitals or others), or allocated to initiatives that provide support for an entire sector.

– For medium-term initiatives, the King Baudouin Foundation will launch one or more calls for projects, in cooperation with the relevant sectors. Such projects will contribute to guaranteeing sustainable care after the crisis and will be evaluated by a pluralist and multidisciplinary jury of experts.


70 % of the funds collected will be made available to hospitals and 30 % will go to other residential care establishments (for the elderly, youth welfare, people with a disability etc.).


Donations can be made by bank transfer to the King Baudouin Foundation at: BE10 0000 0000 0404 with the mention ‘200670: Fund for Supportive Care’, or the structured communication ***020/0670/00086***.

The profits of activities not liable to tax exemption cannot be donated to this Fund.


In addition to the Fund mentioned above, the King Baudouin Foundation also launched two calls for projects to support organisations that fight poverty and homelessness, and front line support and care organisations. Thanks to a simplified and fast-track procedure, these organisations can benefit from a lump sum grant of 10,000 euros. Both of these initiatives are also open for donations.




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