Press Releases The Role of Forests in Advancing EU Climate Action

The Role of Forests in Advancing EU Climate Action

The Role of Forests in Advancing EU Climate Action

Brussels, 19/03/19 — The International Day of Forests on 21 March promotes education to learn to love forests. Europe – as a global leader on climate action – is working to make forests a priority for the bio-economy and water policies. Over 50 cities from six continents are coalescing around a new initiative called Cities4Forests that connects citizens and decision-makers with inner, nearby and faraway forests around the world to help end deforestation and advocate for a stronger role of forests and nature.

“As a founding partner of Cities4Forests, we aim to engage and educate citizens about forests, and also help urban policy-makers to rediscover and recognize the important role of inner, nearby and faraway forests.”

-Stuart Reigeluth, Founder of REVOLVE

As a renewable resource, forests are also at the heart of a sustainable bio-based economy. Wood-based materials can act as carbon sinks and reduce carbon emissions, serving as a substitute to fossil-based materials and energy. Forest value chains provide a multitude of product opportunities from different wood components, feedstock materials and side streams. From providing biodegradable packaging materials to reduce plastic waste in our oceans, to transforming wood components to edible proteins or other ingredients—forests are the answer to a cleaner, brighter future.

With a new European Parliament and European Commission coming into office in 2019, now is the time to take stock, plan, and continue to ensure that forests and sustainable wood products are valued for their role in climate change mitigation.

REVOLVE will be bringing together high-level representatives of the European Commission, the corporate sector and other stakeholders to discuss the role and need for forests on the International Day of Forests on 21 March, in Brussels.


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