Press Releases The Rosetta Stone of the Climate: A message to Future Generations

The Rosetta Stone of the Climate: A message to Future Generations

From 6th to 20th November, a life-sized replica of the Rosetta Stone will be installed on the Schuman square. On this blue stone will be engraved, in four languages, a message to future generations. It will symbolise the collective denial of the climate emergency and the destruction of living beings that scientists have been warning us about for 50 years, and will also be a tribute to the four co-authors of the Meadows Report (Limits to Growth – Club of Rome – 1972).

Around the artistic initiative of the Pakman collective, citizens’ movements, civil associations, scientists and artists will occupy the centre of the European district for 15 days until the end of the COP27. We will gather in order to collectively denounce the dramatic lack of action in the face of the climate emergency on all levels of power while we are at a major turning point in the evolution of our civilisation. In this framework, French- and Dutch-speaking universities will collaborate in the organisation of 9 “Climate Nights”, bringing together experts, civil society and citizens around 8 themes of debate and a concluding evening. There will also be two citizens’ assemblies, a demonstration against the Qatar World Cup, and documentary screenings. For this purpose, a marquee of 150m² will be installed near the sculpture.

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