Press Releases The use of tech for a better world: Technology advancing the UN Development Goals

The use of tech for a better world: Technology advancing the UN Development Goals

 How can international organisations promote the use of technology in support of the UN Sustainable Development Goals? Watch the livestream here on Wednesday, 8 July at 14h30 Brussels time to hear from the experts and get involved in the debate.

Organized by The Brussels Times with the support of Huawei 
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The latest progress report on the 17 goals, adopted by the UN in 2015 to end extreme poverty, violent conflict and environmental destruction, highlights that the need to act is more urgent than ever: progress has been patchy, and has even reversed in some areas, with climate change occurring much faster than anticipated and inequality continuing to increase within and among countries.

The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic could push tens of millions of people back into extreme poverty and hunger, and it risks reversing the progress that has been achieved in areas such as environmental protection.

Decisive international action is required to turn this situation around. How can international organisations help to drive and federate efforts? And how can we best make use of technology to achieve progress on all 17 goals?

Representatives from international organisations and other experts will share insights on initiatives and strategies that can be used to harness the power of technology for peace, prosperity and sustainability. The high-level panel will include:

  • Martin Kern, Director of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT)
  • Dorothy Gordon, Chair of the UNESCO Information For All Programme and Board Member of the UNESCO Institute for Information Technologies in Education
  • Ethel Tan, Policy Advisor for Technology and Regulatory Issues, OECD
  • Anusha Rahman Khan, Regional Advisor to the Secretary-General for East and South Asia, Commonwealth Telecommunications Organisation (CTO)
  • Abraham Liu, Huawei Chief Representative to the EU Institutions

Pauline Bock, Journalist, The Brussels Times
Dan Sobovitz, Founder of

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