Press Releases Ukraine Defence Contact Group: Press remarks by High Representative/Vice-President Josep Borrell before the meeting at NATO HQ

Ukraine Defence Contact Group: Press remarks by High Representative/Vice-President Josep Borrell before the meeting at NATO HQ

Here again, Ukraine will be very high in the agenda.

We will coordinate the way we continue supporting Ukraine because the war continues raging.

Everybody will present their proposals, and I am sure that among all of us we will continue providing a strong military support to Ukraine in order to face the aggression.

This aggression is brutal. Today, the Russian attacks continue against any kind of civilian infrastructure, with a lot of casualties.

Unhappily, there is no sign that Russia wants to stop the war.

So, we have to continue supporting Ukraine, and we will do it all together.


Q. What is your position on fighter jets for Ukraine?

Let’s see.

Q. Ministers will discuss also stepping up the support for partner countries like Georgia and Moldova. What threats do you see and consequences of the war for partner countries? Also, I would like to ask you about Moldova. The President [of Moldova, Maia Sandu] yesterday made a statement and said [that] Russia aims to overturn legitimate government in Moldova.

We know how much Moldova is under the Russian pressure. We know. You know that Moldova will be hosting the political conference about the European Political Community. This will be a good occasion for everybody to show support to Moldova to face the Russian pressure, which is every day stronger. And about Georgia and the situation in the Caucasus, NATO will also discuss about it today.

Q. High-Representative, the Estonian Defence Minister just called for joint procurement of ammunition at European Union level. What is your comment on that?

Well, you know, with the European Peace Facility, we are providing funding for the Member States to buy. In the past, the European Peace Facility already did procurement to provide non-lethal arms for countries with whom we have a partnership. I think that the European Peace Facility could perfectly mobilise its resources in a more common way. Now we work country by country. I do not see any inconvenience with the European Peace Facility, which is an intergovernmental fund – it is not the European Union budget. You cannot buy lethal arms with the European Union budget – that is clear. But the European Peace Facility is an intergovernmental fund, and this can be used in the way we consider more appropriate. I will present proposals to the Foreign Affairs Ministers on Monday.

Q. What will the proposal be?

You will have to wait for Monday.

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