Press Releases Ukraine: EU resumes its diplomatic presence in Kyiv

Ukraine: EU resumes its diplomatic presence in Kyiv

The European Union is resuming its diplomatic presence in Kyiv. After the Russian invasion of 24 February, the Delegation of the European Union was temporarily re-located to the Polish city of Rzeszow.  Today, during his visit to Kyiv, High Representative Josep Borrell announced that the work of the EU Delegation to Ukraine will now be led from Kyiv again.


With this visit, the European Union is returning back to Kyiv. I mean this literally: our Head of our Delegation is back here, so that we can work even more directly and more closely with the Ukrainian authorities,” High Representative Borrell said.


Head of the EU Delegation Matti Maasikas was accompanying High Representative Borrell and President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen during their joint visit in Kyiv on Friday. He will remain in the capital to reopen the premises of the Delegation and assess the conditions for a progressive return of all the Delegation’s staff to Kyiv.

“During our stay in Kyiv we have witnessed first-hand the ability of the Ukrainian administration to ensure effective and full functioning of state and government structures, despite very difficult circumstances. Return of our Delegation to Kyiv will ensure even better interactions with the Government and more support for Ukrainian people,” the High Representative added.

The EU Delegation was evacuated from Kyiv shortly after the Russian invasion, as the attacks against Kyiv and its suburbs grew in intensity. Since the evacuation, the EU Delegation was working from Rzeszow from where it coordinated European and international assistance to Ukraine. Some Delegation staff will still operate from there and continue in these cooperation efforts.

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