Press Releases Ukraine: Press remarks by High Representative Josep Borrell ahead of EU Foreign Ministers meeting in Kyiv

Ukraine: Press remarks by High Representative Josep Borrell ahead of EU Foreign Ministers meeting in Kyiv

Thank you, Dmytro [Kuleba, Minister for Foreign Affairs of Ukraine]. Thank you for hosting us and thank you for inviting me yesterday to participate in the events to honour the Ukrainian combatants.

Today, the Ministers [for Foreign Affairs] of the European Union travel to Kyiv to hold this meeting.

These kinds of meetings are called “informal” because, first, they are out of the premises of the European Union, and secondly, because they are considered a high-level political debate that does not have the aim of reaching concrete conclusions and decisions, but it is the kind of brainstorming that we need to do – among us, and together with you – in order to look at the situation of the war against Ukraine, how the European Union is supporting Ukraine, and how we will continue doing that.

We will study the Peace Plan Formula, [President’s] Zelenskyy’s Peace Formula, in order to gather more support around the world and prepare the next [Peace] Summit.

All my colleagues came here, dear Dmytro, with the will to show, to express and prove their commitment and the commitment of the European Union to continue supporting you in the war of aggression of Russia against Ukraine.



Q. How concerned are you about the apparent movements of the US Congressional support for Ukraine? Does this mean that Europeans need to do more? Should Ukraine hold presidential elections in 2024?

I am sure too. As you said it is about the stability and predictability of the war, because this war is having deep consequences for the whole world. But for us Europeans, it is an existential threat. Maybe it is not being seen like that by everybody around the world, but for us European – allow me to repeat it – it is an existential threat. That is why we have to continue supporting you and discussing with our American allies and friends for them too [to] continue supporting you. I am sure that this decision will be reconsidered, and all together we will be on your side.

About the elections in Ukraine, it is not my business. I am in charge of the foreign affairs and relations of the European Union, not the internal politics of any Member State, [and] much less of Ukraine.


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