Press Releases Urpilainen needs to better understand the challenges ahead

Urpilainen needs to better understand the challenges ahead

Urpilainen needs to better understand the challenges ahead

“Jutta Urpilainen’s performance today was controversial. Her personality is very positive, but as regards the knowledge of the portfolio, she still needs to better understand the challenges ahead, mainly on migration and security.

She acknowledges that we have to approach the root causes of development problems, however her answers to the questions posed during the hearing were very generic”, said György Hölvényi MEP, EPP Group Spokesman in the European Parliament’s Development Committee, reflecting on her performance at the EP hearing in her capacity as Commissioner-designate for International Partnerships.

“On the one hand, she has to close negotiations on the Post-Cotonou Agreement which has many unsolved issues still pending at the moment. This negotiation will be determinative for EU-relations with African, Caribbean and Pacific countries. We therefore expect a strong commitment to keep the role of the Joint Parliamentary Assembly of the EU with these countries. On the other hand, the new Commissioner will be responsible for the newly-merged development instrument (Neighbourhood Development and International Cooperation Instrument). She must conduct a dialogue with the Member States on this instrument. In this sense, there will be an enormous need for cooperation with the European Parliament. As the biggest political group in the Parliament, the EPP Group will have a crucial role in this process in order to find the necessary common ground for a successful dialogue”, said Hölvényi.

“In the upcoming years, we need to see how Jutta Urpilainen will ensure that the European Union can increase private investments in Africa. She needs to preserve the leading position of the EU in the field of development cooperation with Africa”, he added.

“The effectiveness of the EU Development Policy is also an important topic, especially after the criticism directed towards previous Commissioners in the recent past. Also, the involvement of faith-based organisations in the EU Development Policy is essential for us”, Hölvényi concluded, adding: “The EPP Group can also see the Commissioner-designate’s dedication to investing in security, but it remains to be seen what the reality will be.”

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