Press Releases Vestager: doubts about structure of portfolio

Vestager: doubts about structure of portfolio

Vestager: doubts about structure of portfolio

“We see a clear incompatibility in Margrethe Vestager‘s dual role as a Commissioner for Competition and as a Vice-President for a digital Europe. One cannot strengthen antitrust efforts and fine tech giants and, at the same time, count on Google or Apple’s cooperation for a digital industrial strategy. Today, she was not very convincing when trying to resolve this contradiction”, said Esther de Lange MEP, EPP Group Vice-Chairwoman responsible for Economy and Environment, after Commissioner-designate Margrethe Vestager’s hearing in the European Parliament.

“It will be a difficult but important task to reform the EU’s competition law in order to make it fit for the global realities of our time. The EPP Group expects her to learn from previous cases like Google. Large companies must be prevented from building monopolies and abusing their dominant positions from the very beginning. We need fair competition on internet platforms. Our Group will measure her by her promises today”, De Lange added.

A reform of competition law is not enough; the EPP Group will also push for a targeted look at new merger rules. “Margrethe Vestager has to explain how to define relevant markets in a globalised world. If we do not allow our businesses to grow confidently, the EU will fall behind”, de Lange concluded.

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