Press Releases Voxeurop launched a new website and membership offers

Voxeurop launched a new website and membership offers

We are happy to present the new ​Voxeurop ​ ! After more than ten years, the website needed an update. We used the launch of our subscription offers as an opportunity to completely revamp the visual identity and layout of ​Voxeurop ​ . The new site is not only more modern but also easier to access and to read. Navigation of the more than 8,000 articles in our archive is now more intuitive, and new features will soon be available.
Animating a European public space

Voxeurop ​ is led by ​an editorial team​ deeply committed to Europe and its values of openness and progress. From an editorial standpoint, we are continuing the initiative undertaken several months ago with the launch of​ ​our manifesto​: to organise a public European space by reporting on Europe to its citizens’ scale. Our primary goal is to provide reliable, independent, high quality information on the challenges facing our continent and which concern us all.

We accomplish this through exclusive articles (many of which are entrusted to some of the sharpest observers of European affairs), through articles that we select daily among hundreds of sources, by continually giving a prominent place to editorial cartoons (a journalistic format in its own right, and one of our trademarks), and to illustrations. All this translated into as many languages as possible. We are also introducing a new format: photo coverage from all corners of Europe.

Independence and sustainability through membership  The relaunch of our website was also the right time to launch ​our membership offers​. In order to guarantee the viability of ​Voxeurop ​ and to better connect it to its community, we are offering our readers the chance to be more involved in our outlet’s life. Membership gives access to different benefits such as advanced previews of articles, exclusive exchanges with the editorial team (choice of topics, participation in interviews, etc.), the possibility to publish blog posts, and no ads.

We are counting on our readers, followers, partners and friends to join us. Join the movement, and be part of this unique editorial adventure!

Contacts: Paul Salvanès, COO ​

Gian-Paolo Accardo, CEO

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