Uzbekistan Journalism Award

Uzbekistan Journalism Award

Thank you for contributing to the selection of the most remarkable
constructive journalism article
regarding Uzbekistan.

Please use the following criteria when deciding on nominating articles:

• fact-checking
• precision in reporting quotes and figures
• interest in human-based stories highlighting the importance of understanding between EU
and Uzbek citizens
• elegance in style
• originality of content

You can nominate 3 articles – the first one receiving 5 points, the second 3 points and the third 1
point. The winning article will be the one that has gathered the highest number of points from the
jury members.
Please indicate below the number of the articles you nominate and a brief explanation why you
consider these worthy of the EU Uzbekistan Journalism Prize.


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#1 Note of Comment on the Address of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan to the Oliy Majlis
#2 Afghanistan, Aral Sea Raised as Priorities by President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev at 75th Session of the United Nations General Assembly
#3 Central Asian leaders meet in Turkmenistan: Keeping momentum alive for regional co-operation
#5 EU GSP+ Scheme Welcomes Uzbekistan
#6 Eureporter 2020-10-13
#7 Eureporter 2020-11-05
#8 Expansion of Uzbekistan’s beneficiary status to GSP+ marks start of new EU-Uzbekistan partnership
#9 Note of Comment on Labour Reforms in Uzbekistan
#10 The Tashkent Metro – Gallery, under the ground
#11 Chef from Uzbek embassy cooks at garden party of photographers from Zonhoven
#12 Joining Forces, Harmonizing Efforts: President Mirziyoyev Delivers Strong Message at the Partnership for Green Growth (P4G) Summit
#13 Uzbekistan, Pearl of the Silk Road
#14 Strengthening integration and cohesion in Central Asia
#15 The Ring of European Friends extended to Central Asia
#16 UN Special Resolution on the Aral Sea Region passed on initiative of Uzbekistan
#17 Uzbekistan – the country of warm and hospitable people
#18 Uzbekistan as anchor of stability
#19 he Last Frontier: Energy investments in Uzbekistan reach new heights
#20 Uzbekistan removed from US Special Watch List for Religious Freedom Violations
#21 Marriage in Uzbekistan
#22 Why is Uzbekistan relevant for the European Union