diplo plat 2The Diplomatic Platform of the Press Club Brussels looks forward to an exciting fall of lively programs and unique networking events. The Diplomatic Platform initiative was launched on March 9 2015 by Mr. Alain Hutchinson, Brussels Commissioner for Europe and International Organizations, in the presence of one hundred diplomat members and guests.

The Platform aims to provide the Club’s seventy diplomatic Mission members, including government and regional representations, and special guests with exclusive programs offering insider perspectives on current events, as well as with social and professional networking opportunities. As each diplomatic membership provides five individual memberships, the Platform thus unites 350 ambassadors, press officers, other diplomats, government officials and regional office representatives.

Diplomatic Platform members are invited to participate in these select events and are encouraged to offerCuba suggestions for future programs. In order to allow Platform speakers to be frank, Chatham House rules apply to these briefings and presentations unless noted otherwise.

In addition, the Diplomatic Platform plans to unite member Press and Media officers in a new Press Officer’s Board which will provide guidance both to the Club and the Diplomatic Platform on programming directions and useful activities for diplomatic members. A Diplomatic newcomers’ orientation is planned to help those just or recently arrived to make sense of the Brussels Bubble, and equally importantly, to gain tested knowledge about where to find the best restaurants, bars and markets!

Besides the special programs of the Diplomatic Platform, diplomatic members of the Press Club Brussels enjoy ACP MAI 2015 - 2 several other benefits. Besides invitations to all of the Press Club Brussels’ public events, some thirty a month, these include use of the Members’ lounge, with gratis beverages and publications, and invitations to newcomer welcome cocktails and media training events. Becoming a diplomatic member of the Club offers your Mission or governmental or regional representation the opportunity to use the Diplomatic Platform to organize briefings and presentations to showcase your priorities. These could include: investment attractiveness, policy initiatives and challenges, cultural programs, tourism campaigns, and special events. Diplomatic members can expect tailored assistance with their media needs and with publicizing visits by ministerial delegations.

Exhibition of the Mexican Flag at the Press Club Brussels Europe on Tuesday 16 September 2014Please also note that the Press Club exhibits at the Press Club entrance the flag of country members on their National or Independence Day.

For more information about becoming a diplomatic member, or about the Diplomatic Platform, do not hesitate to contact stephanie.le.clercq@pressclub. be

Hope to see you soon at the next meeting!