Press Releases China: High Representative/Vice-President Josep Borrell holds the 12th EU-China Strategic Dialogue with Director/Foreign Minister Wang Yi

China: High Representative/Vice-President Josep Borrell holds the 12th EU-China Strategic Dialogue with Director/Foreign Minister Wang Yi

The High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy/Vice-President Josep Borrell and the Director of the Office of the Central Foreign Affairs Commission and Minister of Foreign Affairs of China Wang Yi held the 12th EU-China Strategic Dialogue on 13 October 2023 in Beijing.

They discussed bilateral relations between the European Union and China in view of the upcoming EU-China Summit.

The main international and regional issues included the latest unfolding events in the Middle East, which took a central place in the dialogue. In addition, they discussed Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine and the situation in Afghanistan.

They also touched upon global challenges like climate change, global health, and debt management.

Reviewing developments in EU-China relations, High Representative Borrell underlined the growing complexity of these ties and the shared interest in pursuing a constructive and stable relationship.

He also reaffirmed the validity of the EU’s multifaceted approach towards China, in all its dimensions, and stressed the importance of continued high-level engagement to discuss bilateral and global issues and to address differences. They both welcomed the increasing number of high-level contacts in recent months.

High Representative Borrell expressed fundamental and specific concerns about human rights in China.

He reaffirmed the EU’s willingness to engage with China wherever possible in addressing global challenges, including climate change, debt, and global health.

High Representative Borrell raised Russia’s unjustified and illegal war of aggression against Ukraine. He conveyed the EU’s expectations that China – a permanent member of the UN Security Council – takes a more decisive position to defend the UN Charter and uses its influence on Russia to stop its war against Ukraine and blatant disregard for international law. He underlined the need for China to continue to refrain from supplying either weapons or priority battlefield items to Russia.

He further underlined the negative impact of Russia’s war against Ukraine on global food security and called on China to urge Russia to stop the illegitimate attacks on and blockage of Ukrainian food exports and reverse its decision to withdraw from the Black Sea Grain Initiative.

The High Representative raised the recent terrorist attacks of Hamas against Israel and called for the release of hostages. They both underlined the urgency of international efforts to prevent a further aggravation of the situation and spill over in the region. He reaffirmed the EU’s condemnation of all attacks against civilians, recalling the parties’ obligations under international humanitarian law, to allow unimpeded access to water, food, and medicines. They both agreed on the urgent need to work towards de-escalation and that a two-state solution is the only way forward.

On Afghanistan, they shared concerns about the volatile security situation and the denial of rights for women and girls.

The discussion lasted more than four hours and both agreed on the need to maintain this channel of dialogue open.

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