Past events NORTH MACEDONIA: Accelerating reforms, accelerating integration

NORTH MACEDONIA: Accelerating reforms, accelerating integration

On June 5 at the Press Club, Zoran Zaev, Prime Minister of North Macedonia, Christian Danielssson, Director General DG NEAR, and Pierre Heilbronn, Vice President of the EBRD, were invited by CEPS to discuss the future of North Macedonia in Europe.

Topics addressed included progress relating to rule of law and the fight against corruption, in particular the prosecution and final convictions in pending cases including at high level; how to maintain the independence of the Special Prosecutor; Reform of the Public Administration as well as Public Procurement to ensure more favourable business environment. Is the Prime Minister’s approach to inclusive governance shared by all the political parties in North Macedonia? Is the country ready to open EU accession negotiations and has the necessary structures in place?

With the Prespa Agreement, Skopje and Athens put an end to a nearly 30-year long dispute. A lot is at stake for the country now named “North Macedonia”: from NATO membership to EU accession, as well as a number of key domestic reforms.

Prime Minister Zoran Zaev, Director General DG NEAR, Christian Danielsson and EBRD Vice-President Pierre Heilbronn discussed North Macedonia’s role in the Western Balkans region, achievements and challenges in implementing reform agenda and the strategic priorities for EU accession.

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